Kingdom Cakery began when I decided to make my own wedding cakes. Faced with the task of creating cakes that would live up to my own perfectionist standards for both taste and appearance, I found myself obsessing over flavor combinations and testing recipes every chance I had. Once the wedding cakes were done, I found myself suffering from cake withdrawals. I would catch myself daydreaming about cake flavors at least once an hour. So I decided to start Kingdom Cakery, a blog and custom cake bakery. I think cake should be decadent. I think cakes should look how they taste, and taste how they look. Delicious, rich, and buttery. Flavor comes from ingredients, and so the best flavor comes from the best ingredients. In Vermont, we have the best ingredients; the creamiest cream, the juiciest berries, the richest butter, and the freshest eggs. My goal is to create the most decadent flavor combinations using as many local ingredients as possible. I have limited availability at the moment but please contact me for custom cake inquiries at